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Our Mission

Global Autonomous Corporation’s (GAC) mission is direct and resolute. Create a simple, pleasant, and meaningful user experience to deliver goods autonomously.

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What is GAC?

GAC is a mesh network comprised of fulfillment kiosks that connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to one another. This integration creates efficiencies in the routing of packages for GAC customers.

GAC Innovations

Solving the autonomous delivery of freight:

The technological barriers to solving this problem lie in electrification of aircraft and how these aircraft store and release energy. Drones using aviation fuel in large scale, within a mesh network, has proven to be impractical. Additionally, it’s impractical to not use a mesh network delivering goods to an urban area. Therefore, aircraft must seek to minimize aviation fuel in a mesh network and a solution needs to be developed for goods to be delivered autonomously via electrified flight.

For an electric drone to carry 15lbs of cargo, it requires several innovations:

The aircraft structure has to essentially be a flying battery. Much like how Tesla envisioned the electric car.

True Solid-State Battery Tech overcomes the deficiencies of lithium-ion batteries by producing more energy per kg.

The aircraft must quickly replenish its electrical charge to turn flights rapidly.

GAC Pilot Program: Dubai, UAE

The United Arab Emirates represents the perfect blend of potential users for GAC while simultaneously having the regulatory desire to see this type of system deployed. As the self-proclaimed, “CIty of the Future,” Dubai serves as a harmonious location to launch a GAC Pilot Program.

To learn more, send us a message at info@GACUAE.Global

GAC Overview

GAC combines the power of a mesh delivery network with electrified airframes into a unique hardware-software stack solution

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Kiosk Concept

The GAC Kiosk would operate as a human assisted, drive-up package delivery and drop off location. The Kiosk is the bridge between the customer and the delivery drone. The lack of dependency on one kiosk allows for every kiosk to participate in the relay of deliveries.

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Mesh Network

Each location point would be connected to one another allowing for dynamic distribution of packages on flights, and the rerouting of a package in the event a route is shut down or is full. *Not actual locations.

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User Interface

The GAC Interface has been designed to provide a seamless and engaging experience with scheduling the delivery and drop off of packages by autonomous flight. *Actual User App

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