Kiosk Based Mesh Network

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GAC Mesh Delivery Network*

The GAC Mesh Network is a localized network of GAC fulfillment kiosks that connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to other kiosks, and cooperate with one another to efficiently route the packages of GAC customers.

This lack of dependency on a sole kiosk allows for every kiosk to participate in the relay of deliveries even rerouting a package in the event a route is shut down or full.

*Examples of where locations could be.

Ground Kiosk Concept

Ground Kiosk Concept

The GAC Ground Kiosk concept is stand-alone, small footprint sized fulfillment centers in strategic areas that will offer several benefits:

  • Innovative solutions to make the most of limited space where real estate is limited or is at a premium
  • Foster economic development
  • Contribute to the dynamic urban environment with a small footprint
  • Promote creativity and cultural expression

High-Rise Building Kiosk Concept

The GAC high-rise building kiosk concept will incorporate locations built into the rooftop level of highs-rise residential or commercial buildings where a dedicated kiosk caters to residence and visitors of that building.

This concept will offer several benefits including:
  • Prime locations in high-traffic urban areas.
  • An established customer base with a dedicated delivery/drop off location
  • Unique and innovated experience for residents and/or vacation rental owners
  • Can make the most of vertical space where real estate is limited and/or is at a premium

GAC User App

The GAC User Interface has been designed to provide a seamless and engaging experience with scheduling the delivery and drop off of packages by autonomous flight.

Available to download soon:

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*Actual User App

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